About Me

Hi, I’m Sherita from planting seeds in God’s growing garden!

Here are a few basic information about me:

1. I started Planting seeds in God’s growing garden to inspire more younger people to have faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ by digging deeper into his Word! How I got this name was by reading a scripture in the book of John! John 15: 1-8 when he talked about the Vine and the branches how he’s the vine and the branches are the followers. Well we are the garden and God is planting seeds into us so we can grow… 

2. I live in Texas!! Were everything is Big lol with my hubby/best friend and our three beautiful children gifts given by our amazing Lord. Oh and our beta fish Wally!!

3. I wasn’t raised in the church! But I did attend from time to time. But now I’m all in! It’s never too late you can always start from somewhere.

4. I attend OCBF in Texas. We have an awesome Pastor! I can literally say he and my hubby were the ones who inspired me to come to church more often and yes, I’m a member at the church! So yes! This is my church home.

5. I wasn’t a reader at all I disliked reading! Now you can’t get me to put down my bible! I have collected majority of the Bible’s in different translations still collecting!!! But I also love books by Priscilla Shirer she’s one of my best authors… when I’m down I pick up one of her books and read! 

6. In my spare time I read, but majority of the time I’m a full time mommy! I’m at school functions, games etc.. so I’m busy most of the times, but I make room for God!

7. My favorite food is Pizza and Cheeseburgers oh my gosh I can literally eat this all the time lol oh and I love Starbucks White Tall Mocha Coffee love it… 

8. Oh I love to laugh!! 

This is all about me…. Thanks for getting to know me!!!! Yes Little Ole Me!!!