Verse of the day! 12/31/2018

Good Morning!

Happy New Years Eve!

Today is the last Monday in December!

One more day and we start a New Year!

I’m too excited about the New Year and What God has planned for me in 2019.

Well let’s start off this morning with our verse of the day…

Today’s verse of the day is:

II Corinthians 5:17


Dear Almighty Father in heaven,

Thank You Father that in Christ all things are made new. Father, I pray you help me truly comprehend that this reality is not only something for the future but something that took place the moment I believed in Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I pray that I may come to a deeper comprehending of what being a new creation in Christ really means, in Jesus name I pray AMEN 🙏🏽

Let’s meditate on this Verse II Corinthians 5:17…..

This morning as I’m typing this God is speaking to me. He’s telling me that the verse of the day is about letting go of the old and new things are coming. So today you can make that happen. Let 2018 stay in the old and let’s move forward to 2019 the new!!

Tuesday January 1 we all can start over fresh! God gives us plenty of time to make changes in our lives to follow him. Every year God blesses you to leave the old in the past and start new!!

I pray each of my followers have a Happy New Year! I pray God keep you all covered today and tonight as you are traveling from whatever destination you are coming from. I pray for safety over you all. In Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏽

Be blessed be careful be cautious!!!


Verse of the day! 12/30/2018

Good Morning!

Happy Sunday!

Let’s get straight to the verse of the day!

Today’s verse of the day is

1JOHN 4:15


Heavenly Father, oh how I recognize and thank You that your son Jesus Christ came to earth to live and die in my place; to classify with my sin and take the penalty that I deserve. I believe in my heart that Christ is the Son of God and confess Him as my Saviour. Thank You that I have been placed in Christ and have the holy Spirit of God living within me. I pray I live and work to Your approval and honor in Jesus name, AMEN 🙏🏽

Have a bless and Marvelous day!! 😊

Verse of the day 12/29/2018

Happy Saturday morning!

Today is the last Saturday in December! We have 2 more day for the New Year!! I’m so excited about the New Year! Why? Because I know my God has something better instored for me this coming year! I know people always say my New Years Resolution is New me… Well not me!! My new year is to be a better follower of Jesus Christ and to give his word as he has asked.. What about you? What are your New Year Plans?

It’s time for the verse of the day which is from the Bible app you version….

The verse of the day is:

Luke 6:35


Good Morning Almighty Father in Heaven,

I pray that my own, human love is found wanting, and without the love of Christ flowing through me, I am powerless of living as you would have me to live. Father, I pray you fill me up day by day with the love of Christ, so that I may love my enemies, I pray for those that maliciously use me, and show generosity and dignity to others in need. Father, I pray that you help me to reflect the Godly characteristics of Christ in my everyday life, to His approval and honor. In Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏽

Let’s all meditate on Luke 6:35 today! Let’s love our enemies and give them Gods word.

I pray each of you have a bless Saturday!

Two more days to go and I’ll be starting my January Scripture Writing Plan: He makes all things new!!! So tag along and follow bring other bloggers so we can get God’s Word together….. Be Blessed 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Verse of the day! 12/28/2018

Good Morning!

Today is Friday!! Yay! The last Friday in December. Three more days and we start a New Year! That’s awesome! Why I say it’s awesome.. Well because we have a whole New Year to start over and start following Christ….I know some people has struggled over the year or years so now you have another shot at it…

Well let’s get down to verse of the day… Today’s verse comes from the Bible app you version.

1John 2:6


Dear Almighty Father in heaven,

Oh how it is incredible to know that Christ’s example is one that we all can pursue and that if we all long to walk as he walked in confidence on you… only saying and doing the things that are delightful in your sight. Father, I pray we all abide in Christ so that His life may authorize us to bring forth much fruit to your approval and honor. In Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏽

Today I ask our Father in heaven to bless you all today and to keep each and everyone of us covered and protect us from everything that comes for us today.

Be blessed and I pray for a Marvelous day!

Today I pray for you and I pray you pray for me…

Verse of the day 12/27/2018

Good Morning!

Today is Thursday! One more day until the weekend.

Let’s get started with the verse of the day!

Today’s verse of the day is from you version bible app!

Prayer for Colossians 1:16

Dear Almighty Father in heaven,

When I considered the depravity of who the Lord Jesus is and what he has done for me to save my soul, I stand in reverence of you, knowing that you Jesus was wounded for my transgressions, bruised for my unrighteousness, died on the cross so that I might be forgiven of my wrongdoing and then you Jesus rose again to give me your restored life. Lord, God I humbly kneel before you in praise and gratefulness. Thank you because you alone is worthy. In Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏽

I pray that you all have a bless and Marvelous day and that we all today share God’s word!

He makes all things new January scripture writing plan…..

Good Morning 😃

Rise and shine on this Wednesday Morning!

As I’ve sat here for the last two to three months meditating on if I should start a personal blog. I have been so undecided, but after praying on it talking to God about it my Father in heaven has planned this out well for me to start giving his word through this blog. So I started doing it. Now I’ve been getting together scripture writing plans for each month.. when I tell you it’s been a huge task but I have really enjoyed it so much..

I will start my first scripture writing plan January 1st 2019. I will be still doing my verse of the days but more so I will be doing the scripture writing plans to help and guide us to learn more about God and his only begotten Son Jesus. I pray that God will move in your hearts to follow along with me in my journey.

Starting January 1st my first scripture writing plan is:

He makes all things new!! Here is a copy of the items I will be using..

this is the scripture writing plan guideline I will be using…

these are the journals I will be using. I personally made them myself..

I pray each of you will follow and we all become sisters and brothers in Christ!

Let’s encourage each other and others to follow back on our blogs let’s all give Gods Word to who all needs it..

Have a Marvelous bless day!!

Verse of the day! 12/26/2018

Good Morning!

How is everyone? I’m praying everyone is

doing great this morning! I know some of

you had to get up early today to head back

to work! Well if your one of those people

I pray you have a great day! I pray that God

keep you covered and protected as you

travel to and from work.. in Jesus name

Amen 🙏🏽

Let’s get down to our verse of the day!

Our verse of the day is from the Bible app

You version….

today’s verse is

Matthew 4:4


Dear Almighty Father in heaven,

I want to thank you! Thank you for the amazing example of Jesus, because when He set aside His rights and His abilities in order to be devoted to your word and will. Lord, I pray to keep the eyes of my heart on Christ’s earthly example and rebuke the temptations to act separately of you. Lord, I ask that you help me to depend on you in every after effect of life knowing that this is your will for me and bring praise to your name. In Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏽

If anyone needs prayers today please leave a comment and what you need to be prayed..

I pray you all have a bless rest of the week!

Verse of the day! 12/24/2018 Christmas Eve!!!

Good Morning!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

One more day until Christmas! Until our

Lord and Savior Birthday!!

Let’s get to the verse of the day!!!!

Verse of the day is Luke 2:14


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you that I have peace with God, and

that as your born-again child, I have

received your good will and grace. Thank

you that I am centered in Christ and covered

in his righteousness, I am identified with

him and have found favor in your sight

and the peace of God in my holy heart. I’ve

noticed without my Lord there is nothing

I could have done to authorize peace with

you for I accept that I am a sinner, deserving

of death, but glory to my God that peace has

been very much granted with whom you are

pleased, by faith. In Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏽

Everyone be blessed and mostly be careful!

I’m praying you all will have a blessed

Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Remember Jesus is the reason for this


Verse of the day! 12/22/2018

Good Evening!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday

Evening! I know some are still out Christmas

Shopping! Well let me get to the verse of the


Today’s verse of the day is John 3:17

Meditate and pray on this scripture today!!

Everyone I pray you all have a safe, blessed

Christmas! I pray for safe travels!