Obedience: 8/21/2019

Hello there!


How are you guys? How has this week been treating you guys so far… I hope all is well. Let’s get this morning started shall we…

Let us bow our heads this morning for our morning prayer…

Morning Prayer:

Dear Lord, You have brought us to the beginning of a new day. As the world is renewed fresh and clean, so we ask You to renew our hearts with Your strength and purpose. Forgive us the errors of yesterday and bless us to walk closer in Your way today. This is the day we begin our lives anew; shine through us so that every person we meet may feel Your presence in me. Take our hand, precious Lord for we cannot make it by ourselves. Amen.

Scripture writing plan:

The scripture that’s been chosen for our scripture writing plan for Obedience is:

John 14:15

“”If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I just want to take the time out my day to Thank You that Christ died for my sins and rose again to give me His new, resurrected life, so that in the power of the Spirit that I may love as He loved. Lord I cannot love as Christ loves in my own fleshly strength but only as I submit to the work of Your Holy Spirit – only as I walk in spirit and truth. May the love of Christ flow through me to others so that Christ’s love is seen in me, in Jesus name  I pray, AMEN.





Be Blessed and have a Happy Wednesday everyone!

19 thoughts on “Obedience: 8/21/2019


    ♤ Signs
    ♡ Synchronicities
    ◇ SubAtomic Spaces
    ♧ Signals
    ♡ Suggestions
    ♤ Guidelines
    ♧ Pointers

    …Pay FUCKING!!! Attention EveryOne or LOSE OUT!!! please Pay Attention 🤔 ?…



    ◇ Diamond Hard – ‘Difficulty and Struggle’ ARE States of Mind EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that it’s NOT!!! Circumstances it’s ATTITUDE!!! The Power of Love had Me DIVORCED AND DAMAGED!!! because She NEVER!!! Loved or Even Liked Me – Diamond Hard EX-WIVES!!!



    ♧ We ARE Afraid to Live Our 3DLife in Case We Lose ALL Our Love, Money and Materialism yet We ARE Afraid to Die because We WILL!! Lose it ALL apart from Love; so, THOUGHTS!!! EveryOne, if You Dare 🤔 ? My THOUGHTS!!! ARE that Goddess and “God” ARE Symbiotic and Mutual and if that Faith, that Conviction, OFFENDS YOU!!! then FUCK OFF!!! and NEVER!!! Speak with Me Again because You ARE Angry!!! 😵😡😠 and I AM at Peace with The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine



  2. Thanks Sherita. Obedience proves our love for the Master. Even though we all fall short at times. He knows when we are trying our best to know Him. And He willingly helps us when we ask. 💛

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